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How to choose the right streaming platform for your event?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients is which streaming platform is right for their events.

Peewah can integrate with any of them, but there are different criteria that must be taken into account to choose the right one. Some important variables are: privacy, interaction, price, among others.


Privacy is one of the most important aspects to consider. Normally public streaming platforms are free and have no connection limit. Private ones have a cost associated with them and it usually depends on the number of people that will be connected and the duration of the transmission.

Our clients usually use the private ones for events with cost and the public ones for free events. If they were to do paid events with public streaming platforms, the risk is that people could extract the link to the broadcast and share it with people who did not pay. 


Another important factor is the interaction that attendees will be allowed to have during the event.

Some events by their characteristics require that attendees can interact with your camera and audio. In others it is essential to avoid this due to the size of the event, to avoid distractions or to avoid uncomfortable moments. In these cases the selected streaming platform only allows interaction through chat. 


Budget is also an important factor in all events and that is why price is a very important criterion to take into account.

The platforms on the left, in Image 1, have a free version with certain limitations or a small monthly cost. 

The platforms on the bottom right, in Image 1, are also free.

The platforms on the top right, in Image 1, have a cost that can be found on the official websites of each: Vimeo Premium, Wowza and Dacast.

Platforms such as Wowza and Dacast usually have pay-as-you-go plans, which means that they will charge depending on how many people connect to the event.

Vimeo Premium has a license costing around $1,000 for "unlimited" live streaming. We put it in quotes because there is a clause that indicates that if you are part of the 1% of users who use more traffic worldwide, you may have to buy a much larger plan. 

Some people have Vimeo Premium accounts that they rent per event. If you need this service for your event you can write us at [email protected] to confirm if we have space and the cost if so.

Updated on: 07/14/2022

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