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How to import attendees to an event?

Here we explain the step-by-step for you to import a list of people to an event through Peewah.

To add the attendees to your event you must do it in a CSV file from Excel.

Download the Excel format from the following link:

Complete the form with the data of the people you want to import to your event, as in the following image:

NOTE: Remember that data such as first name, last name and email are mandatory.

You can create additional fields, to do this you must add a column to the file for each field, the name of the new columns must be exactly the same as the name you gave to the form field in Peewah, even if it has special characters.

IMPORTANT! For checkbox type fields (multiple choice of multiple answers) the values must be separated by [ ]; for example [Academic Level][Age][City].

When you have your completed file you must go to: File > Save as > in the format or file type you must select: Windows Comma Separated Values (.csv) and press Save, as you will see in the following image

Verify that in the generated file all values are organized correctly and that there are no blank cells at the end of the file.

Vista de archivo CSV
Note: Correct CSV file view

Now in the Peewah platform in the "Registration" section you must follow the following steps:

Click on the "Register" button

By clicking on the three dots below the "New registration" button you will have the option to import the attendees to your event.
You must select the type of ticket you have configured for your event.

Once you select the ticket type click on select file remember that it is the file you saved in CSV (comma delimited) format.

To finish click on import and you will see the following message

That's it, your attendees will be imported to your event. At the end of the import process you will receive an email indicating the final result.

When the attendees import was successful you will receive the following email:

When the import of attendees was incorrect, you will receive the following email. "Could not import xx of xx attendees. You will find the details in the attachment." And you will have an attachment showing the reasons for the import failure in order to make the correction.

Updated on: 07/15/2022

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