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How to integrate a Zoom meeting into Peewah?

Integrating Zoom to Peewah will allow you to have a customizable website of your event, receive payments through all payment methods and have valuable metrics of your events in real time.

Here are the 3 steps you must follow to integrate both platforms:

1. Schedule a new meeting in Zoom.

Once you have the Zoom application open, you must choose the Schedule option.

This option will open a dialog to schedule our meeting. After adding the basic details such as name, start and end date, you will have your meeting scheduled. You can activate the option

Require meeting password to increase access security.

2. Get the Zoom meeting URL.

The last step, when you are scheduling a meeting in Zoom, shows you the URL of your meeting on the screen. This is the URL you need to copy for the next step. In the screenshot below, your meeting URL is the one under Join Zoom meeting.

3. Add the meeting URL to your event created in Peewah.

To add the URL of your Zoom meeting to Peewah you must enter the event in Peewah that you want to configure and go to the menu:

Agenda > Rooms

Once there, select the room you want to zoom in by clicking on the TV that says "Streaming". We recommend you read our article

How to create rooms and associate streaming to them?

Now you select the Add URL option of the Zoom integration. This will open the integration dialog with the application.

Once you paste the URL of your Zoom meeting here, select the Add option and you have completed the integration between your Zoom meeting and your Peewah event. You can confirm this by seeing that the Scheduled message is activated in the Zoom integration.

What's next after this?

Everyone who signs up for your Peewah event receives an email with a unique link per person. If they open it before the event, they will find a landing page with a timer and will not yet have access to your Zoom meeting link. All clicks at this time are not counted as attendees in Peewah.

When the counter reaches zero, the Enter Event button appears and directs you to your Zoom meeting. It is only at this point that all the people who click on it will be counted as attendees in Peewah.

Updated on: 07/14/2022

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