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How to configure Zoom 2.0 for your events?

Here is the step by step to create a Zoom 2.0 streaming room.

You must go to the customer's or Peewah's Zoom account ==>[Sign in Zoom]( The credentials can be found in 1 password.

Once logged in, you must go to the seminars section to create your event.

When you are in the Seminars section, go to Schedule a Webinar and you will see the menu to configure it.

You must take into account the following aspects when you are setting up your event:

In Subject you must enter the name of the event in the Peewah platform.
In Description you must enter the same name of the event.
In When you must enter the date and time when the event will take place.
In Duration you must enter the number of hours your event will last.
In Webinar access code you must deactivate this option.
The rest of the options should be left as they are configured at the factory.

Once you have everything configured, go to Schedule and your event will be configured.

When you are going to link Zoom 2.0 in the Peewah platform, you must have your API KEY and your API secret. Here's how to do it:

Inside your account, go to the Solutions > Developer Platform tab.

Then in the window that opens you must click on BUILD APP.

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Once in this window you must select View Here in the JWT box.

En esta ventana deberás copiar y guardar la API secret y la API Key para después integrarlo en la plataforma de Peewah.

That's it! We have everything ready to configure your streaming in the Peewah platform.

Now let's go to the Peewah platform to configure your streaming.

You must go to AGENDA > Rooms, there you will see the window of your created streaming rooms.

Select the room to which you will link the zoom 2.0 streaming by clicking on the streaming icon.

You must enter where it says Zoom 2.0 and it will open a box that will ask you for the information that you previously listed.

Api Key
Api secret
Meeting ID
Meeting password

Once you add the data, your Zoom 2.0 session will be configured. The only thing you should keep in mind is to start the seminar minutes before the event.

If you have any questions, you can contact our support team to help you through the process.

Updated on: 07/15/2022

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