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How to embed a video (iframe) in Peewah?

This option allows you to integrate any streaming platform that generates an iframe when creating the transmission. Some examples of these platforms are: YouTube, Twitch, Dacast, among others.

To explain how it works, we show you a video of how to obtain the iframe code from a transmission created from YouTube. The operation for the other platforms is very similar.

In the case of YouTube, you must take into account the verification of some options that must be enabled in order to be able to carry out the event correctly through this streaming platform. Here we share with you a video about what you must verify so that your YouTube account allows you to make a correct transmission.

Note: when you add the YouTube iframe the chat is automatically embedded through this option. To integrate a chat with another platform, you should review the guide: How to integrate a chat with a broadcast.

Updated on: 07/14/2022

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