🌰 Peewah is the name of the preferred fruit for the people from Cali, Colombia. But also, is the name of the awesome all-in-one event platform that you are going to know from now on!

Our mission is to help event organizers to carry out more successful, profitable, and engaging events in an easy way 💪🏽 by creating a simple but yet powerful service for them to rock the event world.

With Peewah you can have:

An Event Management System to control any aspect of your events.
A powerful Events Center for all your events.
Beautiful and personalized Landing Pages.
Custom Registration Forms for your events.
A Selling Tickets system.
An Agenda for the attendees.
A Virtual Lobby.
A marvelous Multi-tier Chat.
A practical Multi-stage system.
Matchmaking algorithm powered by AI.
Integrated Backstage Studio for seamless streaming (Beta).
Full-HD Streaming System.
Analytics pre, during, and post-event.
Flawless Q&A, and Customer Support System for your attendees.
Integrations with more than 20 apps to have them all in one place (some of them powered by Zapier).
Virtual Event Managers to support you at every stage of the event.

And even more!

If you are looking for something not listed here, please mail us at: [email protected] for further assistance, or in case you have general questions.
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